Private or Public?

And I ain't talking toilets, ladies! Thank you for the three of you who have so diligently continued to email me - really, everything is dandy! I'm just consumed with all the things that are now part of my routine...I truly have less time now than when I was working! Thank goodness school is over for the summer.....for all of us!

BUT I want to discuss what is a "hot" topic of conversation in my neck of the woods these days. School. And listen up - we have good, no, GREAT SCHOOLS in the greater DC area.

Are your kids going private, or public next year? Well, the following are some of the responses I've had when discussing said topic. See for yourself, then get back to me on your views and opinions.

random lady: Are you sending your kids to private or public school next year?

me: oh, public - fur shore! why, are you considering private?

random lady: yeah, I mean, should it take 20 minutes to pick your kid up, in the drop off lane?!
me: ummm, yeah - my kids are in private pre-school, and yeah, if you are "Mrs. I'm so Entitled" the drop-off lane is your peronal gold star parking space for being a "mom of five".... crap....choices.....or birth control

crazy lady: guns...I'm concerned about guns

me: ummmm.... what about guns?!? you can have guns in private school too - they're not exempt! ...rolling eyes....

church lady met in the parking lot: I want my kids to go to school with "like minded" kids

me: what do you mean? thinking.... FREAK, like that's "real world" preparation....ugh

church lady met in the parking lot: you know, brought up in the same type of home, pray the same

me: oh, not me - I'd drop my kids in DC if I could. I'm all about "diversity" - you know, Ex-pose-ur!

freaky woman: well, I think you'd want your kids going to private, cuz all the Chinese kids are so smart and always get the highest grades

me: restraining from punching her... I think my kids have a disadvantage... I'm their mommy! Walking away, thinking if that's the kind of kids in private, mine will be staying in the public school system

hot mommy: she really was hot, and likable. I'm not getting up that early, at least with private they don't have to be there til 9:00am... how bout you?

me: laughing, (cuz she was so honest!) nope, i'm all about buying my condo in Florida, education is so over-rated!

neighbor: you should send your kids to private so they don't have to go to school with the "poor" kids...

me: yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking... NOT!

Interestingly enough, not one person(NOT ONE!) that I've discussed the school thing with, has mentioned they're sending their kid to private for a better education. Meaning, because their kids are currently getting a sub-standard education. Our schools(NOVA) are some of the BEST in the nation, (top 100-150) however if I could send my kids to the Jewish Day School (25 miles away) and it wasn't 22k EACH (yeah, swallow that nut) - I would put my kids in private, and no, not for the educational advantage, but for the religious component. BUT, it's a two hour ++ commute each day, and I'm not putting my kids or myself through that, not to mention it's almost 45k for two kids to go to elementary school. I don't need that kind of pressure. Besides, you already know how I feel about my Florida condo.
I do wish the public schools required students to wear uniforms. Boy, would my life be so easy.

So what's your thoughts?!

p.s. I only post comments that are in English.