We got milk

Remember the new kids?

They are now over two months old, eating grass and....our little pear tree...and ready to be weaned. Or if not weaned, at least they are big enough to share the milk with us.
The problem is, they don't want to share with us. So we've had to get serious. We added some fencing and a gate to the barn so that the mama's could be separated from the kids during the night. In the morning there is milk for us. The first night of this arrangement, -mamas in the new pen, kids in the old- the kids started wailing around 4am wanting their morning refreshment.

That's life on the farm. Noise in the morning.

It's been two years since we've had our own goat milk supply and it's good to be back in business.

Alyssa has been the resident milker since her big sister went off and got her own farm. She is very proficient.

Hopefully by summer we'll be getting enough milk for yogurt, kefir and feta cheese!