Sowing Seeds Uncertainly

Though the sky continues to look like this:
...with no forecasted prospects for improvement, (sunshine? spring like temperatures?) we decided to go forward with the annual Memorial weekend chore of planting the garden. With rain projected for the next five days it is highly possible we'll be replanting again soon! But maybe the seed will like it and we'll get lucky. It's a gamble. How shall we bet?

With a wish and a prayer that the seeds will like the coming rain we got started.
There's plenty of work for everyone and again we had lots of helpers. How could we plant the garden without our kids?

Many hands make light work and all that.

This kid has been planting corn every year since he wore diapers.

I need capable males to construct my garden apparatuses. It's a good thing I birthed five boys.

Every year it's something new.
This year instead of Italian staking or tomato cages, I'm trying a tomato wall to grow my plants on.

By the end of the afternoon, we're mostly done...

...but not without shenanigans....

Digging holes with your brother's head? It's the way kids plant gardens.