From our Surf's Up Mickey Breakfast...

While I was nursing Elle on a bench at D.land, Kate all of the sudden "had to go pee" that very second and wanted me to take her. I know I nurse Elle standing up and walking around sometimes at home...in have-to situations, but I wasn't willing to let the whole park see my belly hang out and boobs while I nursed Elle, just so Kate could have me take her potty. So Shad took her and she'd ONLY go if he'd get her a treat. We sound like pushovers (...and we are), but Kate has had some serious regressions in her potty training in the last 3 weeks, so a treat was worth it. However, I didn't expect Shad to return with THIS....

Seriously hon? I admit that I get them cotton candy almost every time we go to Disneyland, but I buy ONE bag, throw away half of it while the kids aren't looking and then split the rest in half for them to share. But Dad bought them each their own. And the greedy little kids wouldn't even share one bite with us (willingly at least...). Life wouldn't be much fun without Dad's though. Especially in our house. Grateful we have him to balance me out a bit.

We watched Sword in the Stone on the way to Disneyland, so Tanner was VERY determined to get that sword out. He worked on it a couple of different times throughout the day. = )

This is where we spent a good share of our day...the old Mark Twain Island, turned into a Pirate Island. Tanner and Kate played on this treasure for at least and hour. We had to drag them off of that island. I'm pretty sure they thought the treasure was real.

Elle was an angel. Complete angel. Great in the car, great in the stroller, great on the rides.

I'm tired.