The Weekend Report

The Good. The Bad.
...and the Ugly.

The weekend started out with a baking session- apple pie for a bride to taste and carrot cake for a birthday order.
The Good: the pie came out well.
The Bad: the cake...not so well.
The Really Bad: because I had to dash out to meet the bride and her family I missed seeing my sister's little sugar muffin who came a-visiting. Rats.

The Pie Tasting
The Good: The meeting with the bride went well. They are having seven pies for their wedding.
The Not So Good: They ordered seven different pies- chocolate cream, banana cream, coconut custard (not cream! Anyone have a recipe for this?), berry, peach, rhubarb and....pumpkin!

The Opening Day of Little League Baseball

The Good: Peter didn't hide under his bed and Samuel got to pitch.

The Bad: It rained.

Weekend Project
The Good: fifteen years after the pantry closet was built, it is getting a real floor.

The Bad: Mr. D. is short one two-foot piece to finish. Ya mean we have to buy another 2o square foot box to finish?

The Weekend Chores

The Good: lush grass meant lots of clippings to mulch the strawberry bed.

The Bad: the strawberry bed is only half done.
Boys! Mow again!

The Good: I planted a Japanese Maple and got flower beds weeded.
The Bad: I'm tenth....done. And then I'll have to start over.

Final Performance of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

The Good: Alyssa had a great time playing Marcie and we had a great time seeing the show.

The Bad: Peter forgot to get Snoopy's autograph.

Now for the Ugly:

(Seth, I know you are waiting for this new facebook picture...)