potty training

Kate did it. She pretty much potty-trained herself. Hallelujah. She even sleeps through the night in panties. So this will make 7 days in about 8 years I will be diaper free (if you include the next 3 I'll be changing for the newborn babe). I should live it up the remaining two days. = )

She still refuses to wear clothes...she is only in panties ALL DAY LONG. Many times I'll walk in and she has NOTHING on. I'll say, "Kate we need to put your panties back on." She says, "But they hurt me. They aren't comfy. It's too hot." It drives me crazy! If we're going to church or to run an errand, we have to have a big ol' talk about wearing clothes, being modest and then I usually have to threaten to leave her at home by herself (obviously I wouldn't really do that) if she doesn't put her clothes on. So she'll comply ONLY with her rules....she won't wear buttons, she will only wear skirts (they're more comfy) and her shirt can't be tight AT ALL. She insists on things matching....but not in a cute way. If it's a navy skirt, she won't wear a white shirt with it, because "it doesn't match Mom". And shoes? She flat out refuses. She takes them off. Her hair...gum used to work. No more. She has crazy hair that's always in her face. I know people could say, "just make her do it". Well that's fine and dandy in theory, but I have tried. Literally forced clothes on her, while she bawls that I'm hurting her and she doesn't like me anymore, just to have her strip all of it off within seconds of me walking away.

The kids are so excited for the baby to come. They've been counting down the days. I'm pretty sure that Kate thinks the baby is hers and that we'll take care of it together. She's told me that she will change the pee diapers and I can change the other ones. Tanner is mostly excited that the baby is going to bring him a new toy. =)