before and after: paint

Here's the real before....right after we moved in. My personal favorite are all of our cords. They're a beauty. A close second would be that everything is tan...the walls, ceiling, fireplace, floor and our furniture. No color. Anywhere.

We painted the fireplace, did the built-in (Robert Jackman in the Bermuda Dunes Ward did it for us....he's awesome. It turned out better than I could've possibly imagined), bought a rug, etc. And then finally.....the paint! We love it. It feels so happy.

We also had the painters do this back wall in the kitchen. Here's the before and after:

There are still a few random things I want to paint the chair in the family room bright yellow, maybe recover the cushion, maybe sew window coverings (I swore I'd never do it again after our last house), but maybe once I have this baby, my nesting mode will settle down and I'll be content. = )

By the way....I think we've settled on a name. It was Elle for the longest time, pronounced "L", which I LOVE. I wanted to name Kate "Elle", but Shad wouldn't cave and he finally gave me the okay with this baby. BUT, something just doesn't feel right about it. Not that I feel you need revelation or anything for a baby name, but we've settled on a different name (for now at promises). Madeline Sophia. Pronounced "mad-eh-lynn". Anyhow, thought I'd fill my family in, since they all call her Elle. = )