....was wonderful. It was just the four of us and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Normally I would be mourning like I have every single Thanksgiving for the last 9 years I've spent without my entire family, but this year it was perfect. We've had tons of company in the last 6 months and we've been gone an insanely amount of days on business/vacation trips, so it was bliss to have the 4 of us together for 4 whole days in a row. Better yet, being very pregnant, I didn't cook. I ordered our food from a restaurant across the street. I was apprehensive about how it would taste, but it was seriously good. Great food and all I had to do was heat it up in the oven. Because I didn't have to cook, we took it easy all day. We were lazy in the morning, walked up to the store for doughnuts in the morning, on the way home picked 20lbs + of oranges from across the street and Shad and the kids juiced them all. We took naps, ate our feast and watched Christmas movies. It couldn't have been better.

On Sunday the kids and I headed out to Orange County to meet up with my Mom and Rebecca and her daughters. The plan was to do Disneyland 5 days in a row. The kids and I made it 3 days and then headed back to the desert. The first 2 days were so much fun, but by day 3, between the ultra sugar high and major lack of sleep, Tanner and Kate were monsters. My Mom, sister and nieces helped with EVERYTHING, otherwise I couldn't have done it being so pregnant. I think my body felt better those 3 days than it does at home because they wouldn't let me lift a thing. Thank you so much both of you! All the pictures are on my Mom's camera, so I'll get them posted later.

We decorated the house Thanksgiving weekend....a tradition that Shad will never deter from. We started at 6am and finished by 5pm. For our date night the Friday before, Shad and I searched all over town for the perfect artificial Christmas tree....big enough, but not too big, looks real, easy to put up and cheap. We found everything we wanted, but the cheap part. Bummer. But we love it anyway. Tanner and Kate loved decorating the tree.