Me So Smug

My daughter asked for a Fur Real Lulu Cat for Christmas. Our cat hates her so of course she is obsessed with all things feline. She often pretends to be a cat and makes me rub her belly. When it is time for A to get out of the bath tub, she tells me I have to say, "Please get out of the tub, kitty."

So, when she saw the commercial for the Lulu cat, she said she wanted to add it to her list for Santa. And then began talking about it ad nauseum soon thereafter. I started doing a little digging online and found a message board entirely devoted to shopping at Target (seriously). One of the members indicated that Target had a coupon book offering great deals on toys, and that said coupon book included $10 off on the Lulu cat. Target didn't just leave this little goldmine laying around at its stores, however. You had to ask for it at the service desk (the coupons expired before Thanksgiving, so don't get any ideas). So a few weeks ago, after taking Gretchen to obedience class, I stopped at Target and asked for the coupon book at the service desk. Sho nuff. However, that particular location was sold out of the Lulu Cat. I drove across town to another Target and bought the last one on the shelf. The shelf price was $38, but it rang up at $36. So, with my mighty coupon, I got it for $26.

All the way home, this thing was meowing to beat the band. Gretchen was mighty suspicious, cocking her head and twitching her ears with every motorized meow. I knew I'd have to wait until the kid was fast asleep to smuggle it into the house. Later that night, I brought it in and showed it to my husband. He peered at it from below a furrowed brow. "That? Seriously? She wanted that?"

Lulu does all sorts of tres adorable things, like washing her own face, purring, etc. Things that are indeed captivating if you are a four-year-old girl. The cat has sensors in her head and all it takes is a simple wave of your hand to animate her. To date, I have not seen the elusive Lulu on a store shelf again - anywhere. It is sold out on most websites and in most stores.

Of course, people are selling it on eBay, ready to take advantage of desperate parents. BuyItNow prices range from $60 to over $100. And sometimes that doesn't even include shipping.

Normally, I am not Amazing Foresight Mom. Normally, I am Why-the-Hell-Didn't-I-Buy-It-When-I-First-Spotted-It Mom. So yeah, I am feeling pretty smug about this. Every time I venture into the basement to do laundry, I walk by the bag with the Lulu Cat in it. She says, "Meow" but what I think she is really saying is, "You're the best mother of all time and space." Sho nuff.