the kiddos

Tanner does not have a receding just looks like it in this picture. I cut his hair a couple of weeks back and I was only half done when he jerked his head, the clippers cut his ear and he flipped out. He refused to let me finish...leaving the beautiful haircut above. Whatever. I always thought I'd be one of those Moms with perfect looking kids all of the time. Freshly bathed, clean clothes, a bag of wipes in my hand ready to wipe the food off their face at any given instant, matching clothes, shoes and I swore I'd fix my daughter's hair. Well, pretty much none of that happens. The really cute pictures you generally see of my kids on the blog are very planned. I bribe them with gum to get dressed and let me fix their hair for a few photos (with most of the food smears on their faces edited out in Photoshop). 99% of the time, my kids haven't been bathed in days (and days and days...let's be honest). Once we got a pool, we sort of got used to swimming everyday and the kids stopped bathing all summer. Well, once it got cold and stopped swimming, they didn't want to take baths anymore. It's a constant fight. And the hair? Well, Tanner's hair is crazy in general. If I EVER try to fix it with gel or hairspray, he immediately pushes it straight down on his forehead, so it looks worse than if I'd left it alone. And Kate. She's just a whole other story. Tons and tons of hair and 2 1/2 year old just don't go well together. I love it and wouldn't ever change it, but it's a constant fight to even have a bobby pin in it to clip her hair out of her face. The clothes? IF they have clothes on, and we actually change out of jammies before noon (or in Kate's case if she still has any item of clothing on...she is constantly stripping), then they are dirty in instants. It's like a magnetic field pulling food and dirt onto clean kid clothes. Shoes? They are lucky if I can find a pair for them to put on that aren't too small. And then, they rip them off well before we get to the store. I put them back on. They pull them back off. Is this just a hot-weather thing because they're so used to being barefoot? Or are all kids like this? As for the clean face because I carry wipes with me? The other day I came home after Shad had put the kids down. In the morning when I got Kate up, she had chocolate ice cream smeared all over her face with some pizza sauce mixed in there, all underneath the binkie she was sucking on.

I wasn't planning on writing any of that, it just sort of flowed out. And now I'm too tired to write my original thoughts. The kiddos are incredibly cute though, dirty and all. = )