What rhymes with &%$#!

As further proof of her staggering genius, my daughter has learned how to rhyme (and I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever - I legitimately believe that A is very bright). She likes to practice her new skill every chance she gets. You give her a simple word and she'll give you a word that rhymes with it. Cat-hat, chill-spill, and so forth.

Lately, she has been skipping around the house, singing rhyming words as she goes. Most of the words are the sort that actually appear in the dictionary. Some are made-up and silly (I believe I heard her uttering "sprunk" the other day). Some are . . . um, pornographic. Rock rhymes with . . . oh my (starts with a c, in case I lost you there for a second). And truck rhymes with . . . oh no, anything but that. And yet, I've heard them come out of my baby girl's cherubic little mouth. She says them in the same sing-song voice as all the other words, so it's not like she assigns any meaning to them. And while I will admit that I am inclined to spout the occasional "dammit!," I can assure you that I don't bust out the ones she has uttered. Honest! On a side note, she did repeat "dammit" one time, but it turns out she thought I said, "bammit," so that's what she said. I couldn't decide if I should reprimand her for that or not.

This parenting anecdote has been brought to you by the letters "F" and "U" and . . .