Easter Morning. Or would you call it Easter Eve? It was still dark outside....it's like kids have an internal alarm clock on holiday mornings. They actually got up so early that morning, that we did the Easter Egg Hunt, made homemade rolls, did a load of dishes, showered, dressed, got church bags ready and took pictures...all before 9 o'clock church.
We had the Carter Family over for dinner and it was SO fun! I think we're going to start limiting our friends to people that have little girls between 5 and 9 years of age. Our kids were COMPLETELY entertained the ENTIRE TIME they were at our house. Tanner told Abby, age 6, that he loved her and followed her around half the time. The other half, he wrestled with Daniel. All the while, Shad and I enjoyed wonderful conversation with Will and Andrea while eating our delicious Easter dinner. It was great.

Church was also incredible. The kids were completely occupied during Sacrament with their new sticker books from the Easter Bunny so I actually heard part of the talks. Primary was the best part of the day. The Sharing Time leader had the kids dress up in New Testament type clothes and gathered them into a circle to tell them the story of when Jesus died and was resurrected. It was amazing to watch these kids. From Tanner's age all the way up to 11 years old, these normally very energetic kids were listening intently for a good 15 minutes to the stories of Jesus. When she ended with her testimony, Tanner shouted out, "Wow, that was a great story." When I picked up Kate from Nursery she was telling me how "they looked behind the rock and Jesus was standing". She was so excited when she told me. I could tell that she really listened and was captivated by the stories of Jesus. I'm so grateful to Primary leaders and teachers who give so much time and energy to teach our children about Christ.