Four-Year Photos

I took the kid in for her four-year photos on Friday. Handling the "talent" sure has gotten easier over the past couple of years. When I took her in for her two-year photos, I think we were both crying by the time it was all said and done.

This year's primary challenge was . . . bruises. Copious, obvious bruises. I'm pretty sure the photographer called Child Protective Services and filed a report after we left. It occurred to me that I should probably wait until after the bruises went away before scheduling a photo session, but the risk there is that she may have come up with a whole new crop in the mean time that were much more sinister-looking. I had to sign several accident reports at Kindercare last week. In one incident, she was leaning forward to put a book on the bookshelf in her classroom, and somehow pitched forward and smacked her face on the shelf. In another, she collided skull-first with a classmate. Yes, that's my delicate little ballerina.

I asked the photographer to do the best she could to work around the bruises. There is a series of reddish-brown circles headed down her right calf in addition to the collection on her forehead. The photographer, despite her youth, did a great job. I don't think I've ever had so many decent shots from which to choose. So, I just went with the ones in which the contusions were less obvious. I have to say that my kid is downright photogenic. The manager of the studio said that my daughter puts her own spin on the poses. I imagine she says that to all of the moms, but I actually do believe the kid is bound for a career on the stage. We'll be rich, rich I tell you!