Doctor, Doctor

I'm overwhelmed by the kind emails and phone calls regarding my "Mr. Man". We received word from the specialist today that he will be going back to NYC for yet MORE test! They found some "abnormalities" and will be doing more invasive testing. Looks like he has a "date" with the specialist Memorial Day weekend - our 9th wedding anniversary. I've got to figure a way so that I can be there with him. I hate that he will be 5 hours from home with no family by his side.
BTW - We know that Mr. Man does NOT have the following illness':
Chrones disease
Pancreatic cancer
Kidney stones
Gal stones
Colin cancer
Celaic disease

Nana flew in yesterday to help out and to give me a much needed break! She has been a blessing. A.Blessing. She volunteered to watch the chickies today so that I could get outta the house for a while. Not only did the girls love playing with Nana, but she showered them with gifts and fun! They spent part of the morning putting puzzles together and coloring. If that wasn't enough Nana cooked a delicious dinner (yum-mee) AND then watched the little people so that I could go to my cake class. Mr. Man had an appointment with his stylist.... I hope she knows how much we appreciate her help! Tomorrws agenda - much needed make-over for Insane Mommy... stay tuned...