Giving Back...

I know things are tight for everyone this year, but would anyone be interested in contributing a little bit ($1-$5) toward a donation to the Chester County SPCA for Christmas with Chester County
It would be nice to harness the power of all of us. We have dozens of readers, if even half of us donated just $1 we would be able to help so many animals!!
It can get pricey to sponsor an animal or shelter on your own, and especially with the economy the way it is, people may cut back on charitable donations. If we could all pool together, we could help a lot of animals and really spend less individually in the long run.
If anyone is interested, please email or mail your donation to: The Chester County SPCA, 1212 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380.

If you would like to participate in giving back to the CCSPCA and are not able to monetarily click here to visit the CCSPCA "Items Needed" page.