Thanksgiving Week

This week we had Danielle, Clay and Clay's family out for Thanksgiving. It was sooo fun. They were amazing house-guests and the kids adored them. I felt like I was on vacation all week because my kids were so entertained. I even got to take several naps because Patty would watch Kate while Tanner and I slept. They were all so helpful too. Paul made the turkey (the most stressful part in my opinion), Patty made the stuffing and cleaned for a couple hours straight while Danielle and I continued to bake and make messes in kitchen. Clay helped Shad pick out some surround sound and adjusted the sound on our TV so we could hear the voices better over the music in movies. And Makayla was just so fun to be around. She is Clay's BEAUTIFUL 14 year-old sister.

This first picture is a pretty accurate look at who my kids prefered all week. Both Tanner and Kate, were absolutely in love with Clay and Paul. All week Kate said, "I hold you....Paul" or "I hold you...Clay". Tanner would say, "Where is he?" He would search the house for Clay or Paul to play with. Paul had never-ending patience with building forts, playing with blocks and wrestling.

And guess who we saw at the zoo? Kate Hudson and her son Ryder. She was right next to us walking with her little boy. I even talked to her (for a mere 3 seconds). Clay was totally making fun of Danielle, Makayla and I for being star-struck, but it was really cool. She looked just like in the magazines. She was in leggings, cowboy boots, a man's button-up shirt and over-sized sunglasses. Shad was mad at me that I didn't take a picture of her and sell it to a magazine. = ) Typical Shad.

Again, it was so fun to have them all out for the holiday. I really hope that Danielle and Clay end up down here. I loved having family around for Thanksgiving. I loved baking with Danielle. I loved watching how much my kids love their aunt and uncle. I loved going to the zoo and out to eat as a bigger/extended family. I loved waking up at the crack of dawn with Danielle so we could hit the sales at JoAnns together. Thanks for coming. We love you guys!!!