I've been edgey. Resorting to tears for no reason. Pins and needles. I've been afraid to believe. Is.It.Possiblee? But....considering what he's had to go thru ...what he's lost......he was humble......... Yes.We.Won. I'm exhuasted. I cried a bucket of tears. For me. For my babies. for all of us. I'm Spent. It was a long battle. It was an ugly battle. But, no one could have prepared me for the end. I didn't expect he'd win. However, I was totally blown away by John McCain's speech. His consession speech. Had he run his race with the same devotion, well.. maybe I would have had a different opinion of John McCain. What he said of his contender was admirable. Priceless. Real. Thank you John...... I'm tired. I'm going to bed.....I have a party to prepare for.........who will join me?