So much to write. Where to start.....

1. Shad and I went to Lake Powell with 5 other couples over the 4th. We'd never done the whole houseboat thing before, so it was fun to experience. I did realize though, that I'm really more of a real bed and A/C kind of a vs./ the outdoorsy type. I love both, I just prefer the first. = ) I will do a whole post on this as soon as I get the pictures from Shari, but here are a few pics I have:

2. The kids are growing up sooo fast. I feel like Tanner just skipped the whole preschool age and went straight to little boy. He is getting taller and thinner and talking so much! (sometimes too much).

He is very busy lately. He used to want constant attention and now he is much more independent. He works on projects all day. For example he "packed for Disneyland" for 2 days straight last week. He told me that he and Kate were going to Disneyland, he was going to drive and Shad and I weren't invited. He and Kate took out our big suitcase and packed and packed, repacked and repacked. It was hilarious.

Recently I asked him how he go to be so smart and he said, "I don't know. Heabenly Fader just made me that way."

Tanner is really into coloring with markers lately. He spends probably 3 hours a day coloring very detailed pictures. I have to admit I love the freedom of having my 3 yr old occupied for hours at a time leaving very little mess and the tv being off. Thank you Crayola.

My precious little Kate who could do no wrong, now throws fits. I swear it happened over night. She screams and runs away from me if I try to fix her hair, change her diaper, put her down for naps, etc. She screams and shakes her head so fast if I put the wrong food on her tray. She hits Tanner and I. I know all of this is totally normal for her age, it's just sort of sad for me, that she's no longer a baby anymore.

As Tanner always says, "She's growin' up." She talks so much, colors, paints, brings me her swimsuit to go swimming, goes and gets snacks for herself out of pantry, smiles bigger at me than anyone else, loves her big brother and wants to be just like him, and is so brave and independent. Her favorite things are babies (real ones) and dogs. She gets the highest little sqeal and chases them wherever they go.

Kate's hair is so long and ALWAYS has food in it. I finally just gave up. I will give her a bath and wash her hair, but the very next time she eats her hair is full of food. And since Kate is pretty much on a non-stop eating schedule (her choice of course) she always has sticky hair. Complaining aside, I wouldn't change her hair for the world. I swear she just gets cuter and cuter everyday. I love her hair.

3. Random pics from 3 weeks ago:

I love you all and to my family.....I am soooo excited to see you all in a couple of weeks!!!