Can't touch this

I don't know about the rest of you but I have found it nearly impossible to blog lately. Either that or I haven't had anything to exciting to post about. That said, I came home from work the other day and the girls greeted me with "mommy, mommy see what I made, see what I made, come, hurry". They were screaming (yes, screaming) and jumping and falling all over themselves to show me what they had made. I was so taken by how much it meant for them to show me their creation that for a moment I forgot how tired and exhausted I was. As I stood and watched them I realized how so very precious life is. My heart melted watching them squeal and giggle as they tugged and pulled on me to come see what they had made. Their little faces flushed with so much happiness it literally took my breath away. They had (with the help of Mai) made the most spectacular paper vases complete with the most perfect butterflies I had ever seen. Yes, I'm the mommy, but they really are talented.

Yesterday the girls and I were outside playing with their "marco" (chalk) as it is something that I discovered washes off easily and doesn't stain their clothing. Unlike markers, and some paints. lol. I don't know if I should be worried by their love of the graffiti, but I thought it was beautiful. Abbey not only knows how to recite the alphabet but can write it too as well as her name. Katie thinks she can spell her name too, the only problem is she spells her name

A-B-B-E -Y , and then exclaims "Katie"! She constantly keeps us laughing.

I had my hair done (third time since April!) yesterday trying to repair the damage that my emotionally distraught hair dresser had done. My hair has been the punching bag in her personal life drama. I was puzzled why I was being forced back in the salon weeks of just having my hair done due to the unsightly growth (wtf?)when I've only ever had it highlighted 4-5 times a year. I surprisingly discovered she had been putting bleach on my hair! So, you say "big deal". Yeah, it is. I am a blond naturally. Dirty. Blond. Needless to say the frequency to which I had to schedule these touch-up visits was costing me a fortune! I finally sought a second opinion four weeks ago. This is when I realized why I had root problems and I was looking more and more like Pamela Anderson without the body! She had literally stripped all the color from my hair. I didn't have a hair on my head that wasn't touched with bleach. Of course the second opinion would cost me a cool 170.00 and before tip! Not only did I not tip, (gasp) but I walked out of there wondering what I had paid for. She had not fixed the problem either! I still had a root problem. So, last week I could not stand it any longer. I can live with a bad cut. But, not color. I'm a freak! I stopped by the new salon Salon Cielo and Spa that had opened in the swanky town center minutes from my home. They advertised "A slice of Heaven". It just sounded expensive. I forged ahead. They had their price (al la carte-- of course) out on display for all to see--unlike the other salons where they made them up depending upon what you drove up in. They clearly wanted to weed out those who couldn't afford the privilege of their services. Prices were in line with what I had paid previously. They might have been slightly more, but if they could fix the damage, I would sign over my house as collateral and throw in our investment property as a tip! I proceeded to explain my plight to the gorgeous sweet smiling toothy brunette behind the desk. I even went so far to say "I understand you're supposed to say there all excellent, BUT I need your best"! She smiled sweetly and without hesitation said "that would be Chris, but he books up quickly". Without missing a beat I scheduled right there on the spot! I arrived at the salon early so as to have time to explain my situation to the "miracle worker". We hit it off perfectly as I soon realized he too was from Florida. He sat and listened intently as I explained my plight to him. When I finished he nodded and matter of factly stated what needed to be done. There was no question about it. I fell in love with this gorgeous gay man right there on the spot. I knew I was in good hands. He not only delivered but he was competent, and self assured and most importantly knew his shit! He went so far to stress that it would take a couple of visits to get my hair back to it's natural state. When he finished I was speechless. I was ecstatic to the point of gushing it looked that good! I refrained from kissing him as I didn't want him to think I was totally insane. Picture below taken minutes after arriving home.... I love it, love it, love it....