Tears and Laughter...

Whew-wee. Wow. I really don't know where the time goes. I feel like I am on a constant tread mill but getting no where. I haven't had a moment to report in to what certainly must be my two remaining fans. Funny how that happens when you don't blog. But, for you suckers die hard loyal reader's, heres something to wet your appetite.

My little "huricanes" turned three on Monday! OMG. I can't believe how much they have grown since bringing them home almost two years ago. I can not express the love I feel for my little walking talking mini me's! My little "sas mouth's" as I fondly call them. Nice. I find myself asking "where did they hear that"?! Hmmmm... Where, right?! This by far has been my proudest and most rewarding role. Ev-er! So, it was only fitting that we celebrate "Rony" style to ring in their birthday. A real sha-bang for my little princess's. Of course once we got past the tears they had a great time. Sweet thing handled most of the details. Well, with exception of the invitations. He thought a Chinese themed birthday party would be fun. So did I, especially when I realized he had made arrangements to have it catered from our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Yee-haa. Bonus points for sweet thing. He also ordered the prettiest "Cin-da-bella" cake from Maggie Moo's... not to mention an all too impressive guest list. We knew Nana would be flying in from Florida -- (you would have thought they were graduating from Yale with honors) but Auntie Jill and Auntie Kim surprised us by flying in from Atlanta for the event too. Of course the other famous twins were here and so was baby Evie just days of arriving home from China. She stole the show with her charm. Gorgeous, happy baby. We had so much fun. It just confirmed what wonderful people we have in our lives. And man oh man the presents. The girls made out like bandits. They are still trying to master the trykes. Thank you Nana, Auntie Jill, Auntie Kim and Uncle Andy.

We celebrated "Daddy's Day with a smashingly delicious brunch prepared by his favorite girlfriend. Me. What was even more special Nana would get to spend the day with us before flying home. Sweet thing was smothered in kisses and lots of love and attention from all his girls. After filling our bellies beyond full we decided we needed to enjoy the beautiful day. Plus the little people were way to eager to ride their new trykes and we were a bit anxious ourselves to get them outside. The walls were taking a real beating. But by the sounds of them giggling and squealing they could care less. I finished the evening up with a special dinner for just sweet thing and I. No interuptions. Great weekend.....now onto plans for girls get-away in a couple of weeks. Me and the lil ones are beach bound with my friend Annie and her twins.... oh where will we land??