Tanner and Shad's Disneyland Trip

Tanner and Shad had so much fun at Disneyland. The highlight of the trip was meeting Buzz Lightyear and of course seeing Mater and Lightening McQueen in the parade. Shad told me when they got back that Tanner just wouldn't eat anything all day and there's nothing that Tanner likes to eat in Disneyland. So I started asking a few questions and come to find out, the first thing Shad did when they walked through the doors was buy Tanner a huge sucker. He ate the entire thing. Hmmmm....I wonder why Tanner wouldn't eat any real food that day? That aside, I am so proud of Shad for taking day off to go to Disneyland. It takes A LOT to have Shad miss a day of work, so it was a pretty big deal.