Life Lately

It's 113 degrees outside at 8pm with the sun down. Some of you might wonder what it's like to have 113 degree weather. Very hot. And it's only June.....the real heat comes in July/Aug.

Shad and I got sinus infections, Tanner got Swimmer's Ear and a cold/cough, and Kate had a cold/cough. We're going on 2 weeks now, and I'm the only one left sick. It feels so wrong to be sick in June.

Besides all that, summer is here and I'm loving it. I know a lot of people don't like the hot weather here, but all in all, I love it. I would much rather have 3-4 months of horrible heat with still being able to cool off in the pool, than 3-4 months of snow/cold.

Kate has been inseparable from her dollies lately, and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She sleeps with them, takes naps with them, plays with them and eats with them.

Tanner didn't get so play with Sia for about 2-3 weeks and he was just dying to hang with her. So we finally had her over and they went back to being best buds again.

One night while I was sick, Shad made pancakes with the kids. I thought it was so cute. Kate looks sad in the pic because she tried to touch the griddle and Shad said it was too hot to touch and she got her feelings hurt. It was so sad. She was trying sooo hard not to cry.

Kate feels right at home on the kitchen table lately. She's always crawling up there to eat, color, play, whatever.

So it's only June, and this is what Tanner's back looks like compared to his bum. Yowsa. I wish I were that tan.

These are just the leftover pics I wanted to post.