Little Boys

Do you see Belle? Or at least the bottom of her? Now do you see the top of her head shoved into a whole in our wall? Boys play so differently than girls do. Tanner will take Kate's figurines and have his lions and dinosaurs eat them. Then he be-headed poor Belle.

Tanner decided since our pool was too cold to swim in today, that he would build his own. He took the water hose and filled up the sandbox with water, making a very muddy pool. He and Kate thought it was great fun. These pictures are of him jumping into his homemade pool. Then do you notice in the next picture, he is tasting the water? Yum.

The last picture is of course Kate with her gobs of hair all over her face. She pulls out all of the clips and ponies I put in her hair, so her hair is always in her face. Doesn't she look busy in that picture?