Catch up...

  • Summer is not even here and the craziness has already started. *snicker* I'm not a fan of bullets but here goes.

  • We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Shennandoah mountains at the Mcghayville Resort with Jeff's dad, step-mom and extended family who all drove in from Florida. Our version of the Brady Bunch. "His, hers and theirs". His step brother and his wife were there with their two children, Matthew (6 years old) and Molly (same age as Katie and Abbey). The kids all got along as if they'd known one another forever even though it was there first time meeting. And as a bonus we got to celebrate Jeff's brother's 20th birthday at a really cute Italian restaurant in town. We had such a great time. Made me miss Florida that much more. Note to self: must force sweet thing to see things my way....miss the ocean.....

  • We all had scheduled doctor appointments this past Tuesday. Eye check ups for the hurricanes, physical for daddy, and me, well I got to see my "ladee doctor". My most dreaded doctor visit of all! I don't know why I haven't had a complete hysterectomy with my gynecological history. I really thought at one point she was extracting the one ovary I have left! AND I could have squashed her head with my thighs when she whispered "this is going to be a little uncomfortable"! I swear to g-d I had tears in my eyes. Gads talk about painful. Anyway, although we've always known it was a possibility that little miss Abbey would eventually be wearing glasses, it appears as if it could be much sooner than planned. We have a follow-up visit in 6-months and at that time they will determine if she needs to be wearing glasses. Fun. Fun.

  • Sweet thing and I celebrated yet another anniversary. Number 8. The bronze year. This after all of us spent the day at the doctor being pocked and prodded. However, much to our surprise Miss Mai offered to watch the girls so that we could spend a quiet evening out celebrating alone. Apparently even my strong protesting couldn't shake her stubborn plan. I was concerned that she would be missing school. But after she reminded me she only had two weeks left AND she had never missed a day of school I agreed reluctantly. I had already planned on preparing a special dinner for the family, but a quiet dinner out with sweet thing, well it was awesome. She is a gem! Sweet thing and I milked it for all it was worth with drinks, dinner, dessert, and cappuccino. AND the best part. No interruptions!

  • I barely beat sweet thing home from work the other night, which meant that I needed to walk Mag's. I didn't think anything about the diarrhea she had, but it was after we got back in the house and I realized she had gotten sick all over the house. The worst part about it was that if I did not know about her bad belly I would have thought she shit all over the house. Worse yet, did I mention sweet thing was not home so that meant I had to clean it up. I didn't think anything about my comment of "g-d damn it Maggie" that I must have said 100 times over as I was scrubbing up the mess or the fact that I kept saying "this is total crap", BUT I then heard a little voice behind me chanting "crap damn it Maggie, crap damn it"! I stopped dead in my tracks paralyzed. Uh-oh. I was so busted. Gotta clean up my potty mouth and now! lol. To make matters worse in the middle of cleaning up the mess sweet thing called to ask what I wanted for dinner! Yes, I appreciated the thoughtfulness, but everything around me smelled like shit. To make it even worse it looked like a thick brown gravy that smelled like shit! It took everything I had not to hurl as I cleaned up the gooey mess.

  • My little hurricanes are weeks away from turning three. Three. Years. Old. I look at them and don't know where the past two years have gone. I sat and cried the other day looking back at photos of them as babies. I can't believe they are no longer babies. They have such cute personalities. Not to mention their adorable little squeals and giggles. My little sas mouths. lol. They bring me the most joy of all. I can not imagine life without them.

  • Two of my dearest friends are overseas bringing their children home. Both are neighbors, well, Marianne was a neighbor but unfortunately moved.... Out of state. Anyway Marianne is in Albanian meeting her darling boy. I know her heart will be heavy having to leave him until they return. I'm thinking about you girl. I can't wait to meet little Andri. AND my neighbor Christine is in China brining Evie home. G-d we can not wait! I wish you were here now but I know you wanted baby Evie to meet your parent's before returning to the states. We love you all. It has been a good week afterall. :)