Why I love them soooo..

The girls were dining tonight on "awfuls" (translation waffles-their request too!) loving every bite smacking and licking their littles lips as if it were their last meal when I said:

Me: "Girls, we're gonna take a bath tonight, you're filthy"!

Katie: Nodding her head in agreement and says "Yeah, and wash my hair".

Me: "That's right baby girl".

Abbey: Smiling (and never one to disappoint) "And wash my dirty butt"!

Me: All I could do to not crack up. "That's right Abbey, momma's gonna wash your dirty butt".

Gotta love my little "mommy me's"! `

My little "hurricanes" keep me on my toes. They love their video's and I think Cars has now bumped Cinderella to second place. Whew, there is a g-d! lol. We were watching Cars the other night for the uptenth time that evening when Abbey said "Mommy, mommy, that's mommy". I looked up and she was pointing at the telly and shouting "mommy". That's right. She thinks I'm Sally (the porsche) from Cars!!! What's funnier that's the car I drove before my two little hurricanes! lol.. They know! Of course they also think their daddy is Dr. Phil!!! Umm, not only is he BALD but he's also almost a foot taller than my baby...... my girls are so confused.....