One. Two. Three.

Three. Sets. Of. Twins. AND Three mommy's. All the same age. All with full-time careers. All politically on the same page (big D's) and, six little girls all potty training...and...did I mention three first time mommy's all packed with their cameras? It was one of those movies I didn't want to end. Evvvv-eeer. The tale tell signs of their scent no longer lingers in the air. I cried my eyes out when they were gone. I was so damn sad. The house was quiet. In comparison. We. Had. So. Much. Fun. I sooo believe in fate. I know that is why Annie and hubby were meant to be in China at the same time we were. AND from our neck of the woods. And it was by no mistake that Cindy and I would meet in "cyber space" and she would become one of my favorite people. The support from these two twin mom's is undeniable. I adore both of them. I keep "hitting" the re-play button and re-living the fun, laughter and spills. By me too. And for a moment I can hear them giggling and squealing. Did we ever manage to finish one sentence? Or one thought?! Oh, thank you so much both of you! It was so special. I hope this is the beginning of a very long and lasting friendship.......What an encore....What next? Cindy's? Outer Banks???? were talked about....see what happens when you don't make an appearance. Fun!