Mancation & my Non-existant Surgery

This last weekend Shad went on "Mancation", a yearly vacation he goes on with a bunch of his buddies where they do "manly" things. = ) In the past they've had a very full schedule of snowmobiling up in the mountains with a guide, skiing for two full days and guns. However this year, Lillie and I decided they must be getting OLD, because they only went skiing for 1/2 day and took 1 1/2 days just to sleep-in and hang-out. I've been teasing Shad that it was more like a spa vacation up in the woods.To their credit, there was a blizzard, but it's still fun to tease them all about how old they're getting and that they couldn't even hack a whole Mancation. = ) Shad and Marks football client came along for a couple of days, Chris Cooley, a tight-end for the Redskins. Here are some pics from the big spa vacation:

I heard that Shad was crazy on the snowmobiles and had no fear whatsoever (that's him in the picture above going off of a jump). They did NASCAR racing on them also.

Well, I was too sick to have my surgery. The morning of my surgery I woke up with a blasting earache, went to Urgent Care and ended up having an ear infection (at age 28....don't little kids get these??). I also had a sore throat and a cold. So, a couple of hours before the surgery I thought I'd better call just to confirm that I could still have the procedure done even though I wasn't feeling well. The surgeon said no and that they'd have to reschedule me. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers...maybe they'll carry over to when I actually get it done.

Here are some pics of the kids when my Mom was here. She was amazing as usual...played blocks for endless hours, made those detailed edible cars twice, read stories, etc. Tanner loved every minute of it and reminds me everyday that he is going to see Grandma in Disneyland "in a cupo weeks."