Forever and ever..... March 28, 2006

After what I thought would be the longest plane ride of my life we landed in China. Fin-ally! The ride home would be by far the longest. Evv-eer. It was March 28th just after midnight. We were scheduled to arrive the day before, but discovered while waiting in the lounge at the Beijing airport that there had been a flight change. That day. A five hour delay! When we fianlly arrived in Nannig to our suprise our guide was still waiting for us. And even in the late hour wearing a smile and waiving the big agency banner.(little did we know how big his tip was going to be!) He quickly loaded our luggage in the car and after a really long ride we arrived at our hotel where we were greeted by an oh-to gracious staff. They rolled out the red carpet as if we were Brad and Angelina! We were a little slap happy at this point and thought it was all really sweet. We had been up over 36 hours. But nothing could have prepared me for what I would experience minutes later. The bellman wheeled our luggage up and we carefully inspected our suite as he brought everything in. It was beautiful. Of course at that hour of the morning a card board box would have been inviting. But as I walked into our bedroom I nearly dropped to my knees. There set up next to our bed were two tiny little blue cribs. I was racked with emotion. I gazed upon their tiny little cribs and cried. It occurred to me at that moment that we really were going to be parent's. Dh by this point could barely keep his eyes open. He was beyond exhausted. While I unpacked he fell into bed. I couldn't have slept if I wanted to. I was in over drive. I carefully unpacked the babies things smelling everything to make sure it still smelled fresh. Planning out what I would put on them in just hours. I prepared the gift bags we would give to the officials the next day. Then fretted that we hadn't brought enough stuff even though they were overflowing!

Our guide scheduled a driver to deliver us to the Civil Affairs Office later that day. Daddy and I were anxiously awaiting your arrival. We were nervous. Pacing. Jumpy. Anxious. No words were needed. You had just arrived from a long hot bus ride with your nannies. They ushered your into a "holding" room while they finalized paperwork with the officials. I had rehearsed this moment in my mind--100 times, no a million times over. What would you feel when you looked into my eyes? Would I be overcome with joy? Would I know you? What would you smell like? Would you look the same? Would you cry? Would you embrace me as your mommy? I was beyond nervous. I could barely whisper anything audible. Speechless. The room was spinning. I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to see you. I snuck down the hall and peeked my head in the room where you were. Oh. My. G-d. You were more beautiful than I imagined. You were both sleeping. I couldn't wait to get my hands on you and smother you with sweet sweet kisses.

Then suddenly there you were. Both of you. In my arms. There was a ton of commotion. I let out a gasp when they handed you to me. First Abbey and then Katie. And right on que you both took one look at me and started crying. It didn't matter though. When I looked into your beautiful black eyes my heart nearly melted. Yes, you were born in China, but you grew in my heart a very long time ago. You took my breath away. I was crying. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I looked at your daddy and smiled, as if to say "they're ours, all ours". I had waited for this moment for so long and now you were mine.

As I sit here watching you play together today my heart is full. I couldn't imagine my life without you. You were my beginning. I love you today and always.
I love you both with all my heart.