To get cable, or not get cable....that is the question

So just to update for those of you who don't know Shad's and my cable schedule, here it is. About once a year, we start wanting to get cable/dish again. Common reasons would be:

-peer pressure from friends (about how much we'll LOVE it and we don't know what we're missing)
-2 weeks before General Conference and we don't want to drive down to the Stake Center to watch conference with the missionaries (the only other mormons who don't have cable in our area). I have to admit, this is the main reason we usually take the plunge.
-24 starting a new season
-the occasional (and I stress occasional) football game that Shad just has to see
-we will have people over and Shad will say before they come over, "what are we going to do Liz? We need to get cable again, everyone is going to get bored."
-my Dad is about to visit and Shad gets worried that he'll be bored to tears without his news

Bottom line, about once a year we sign up for the dish or cable. Then about 5 months later, we realize that we want to get rid of it. Common reasons for this would be:

-we don't watch it enough. Or better yet, our 2 year old watches it way more than we do
-don't want to pay for it
-I get a glimpse of the some news story about a kid being kidnapped and can't sleep for days, then Shad says, "we're getting rid of it."
-it's easy to gradually watch worse and worse things on tv and get immune to what's on

Well, for the last two days we've been discussing getting cable again and low and behold, who knocks on my door today? A Time Warner salesman with an "incredible" deal. What to do....what to do....

I got one of my cameras in the mail today (not the nice one, just the tiny point and shoot camera), so I will be posting more pictures soon enough.

Oh a funny story about Tanner. Tonight we were having family night and talking about Jesus. He was on my lap holding a picture of Jesus. We were teaching him that when he gets scared or hurt, that Jesus is always there listening and he will make him feel better. He said really sweet things like, "Jesus loves Tanner" and "Jesus nice". Then he pointed to the picture and said, "Jesus toot." We couldn't tell if he said, "Jesus cute" or "Jesus toot." I think I was hoping for the "cute" and manly Shad was hoping for the "toot". Then Tanner clarified it for us by telling us that the toot was stinky. We were cracking up. Tanner laughed and then told us it was time to play Motorboat.

Here are some pics of Kate. I really do fix her hair, but very rapidly it gets messed up ends up in her face. Oh well.