Last of the Oregon Pics

We finally made it home. Oregon was incredible, but it's always so good to be home. Tanner was ecstatic to see Shad and continues to act like I don't exist if Shad is in the room, but he still asks for "Oregon".

This is Ruby (Tanner's cousin), my Mom and Tanner making sugar cookies. He has asked to make "white cookies" everyday since we've been back. It used to be, "I want no bakes," or "I want chocit chip cookies", but now it's "white cookies with fwosting". = )

Kate has been sick these last couple of days. I'm worried it's another bladder infection, so I will take her in Monday morning when the labs open. She hasn't been eating much and is sleeping a ton. She usually smiles if you even glance her way and now she just looks at you with the saddest expression. This picture is from Oregon though....she was GREAT the whole trip.

Megan and Tanner having "tea". Meg did my hair when I was up there and I LOVE it. She did my roots and gave me tons of layers.

I think if I would've let her, Meg would've taken Kate home with her. I loved watching the two of them. Megan was always holding and cuddling her.

I think Tanner has a crush on my sister Amy. When we got home, he told me that he was going to marry "Amy.....with cars".