P,P,P and more P's....

Not what you think anyway. The secret one eyed beauty tackled me for the 7-p's. My understanding is there are no rules. My kind of rules! A rebel. We can make them up as we go. Or as I like to say just "wing" it.

Pecking Order. As long as family understands the hierchary begins with me we'll get along just fine. I prefer they fondly(but of course!) refer to me as "Princess Mommy"!

Pheromone. I can't peel my fh off me. I must excrete some lusty love scent as fh is constantly pawin' and pullin' on me. If the winds blowing he's a knocking.....Totally oblivious to my constant state of exhaustion. He's like a loaded gun. Everyday. Which brings me to my next one.

Prostitution. Tell me again why it's not legal in the state of Virginia?! It's just sex, right?!

Paleontology. My children should study up on this now as by the time they graduate I will be a fossil!! Ready for retirement home and bingo.

Pachyderm. Anyone who has experienced the process of adoption understands this one all too well. Skin tough like elephant hide. Imagine the St. Tropez girl all sun tanned and leathery! Nothing, and I mean nothing phases me now. You will only survive adoption with a coat of armour. Prepare. Must remember to stock the liquor cabinet for teen years...

Parachute. Help. Most days we are spiraling out of control. Whoosh. Free falling. Who pulled the rip cord?! Not funny. Breath. Is it tomorrow yet? Where am I?

Persevere. We continue on even during the most difficult days.......need I say more?

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Note: I know it was only supposed to be 7 but I can not forget the most important. Pinot Noir!! It's the med of choice.