We're here...at the "happiest place on earth". Tanner loved a little bit of it, liked some of it, and didn't like most of it. = ) We figured there would be a huge chance of this. We are still glad we went, but did not end up buying season passes. He loved seeing pooh, cars and "choo choo trains" but d the rides. On every ride but the cars, at one point he sobbed, "I want to go home." We kept thinking, "Oh this one is tame, he will like it." Nope. Finally by early afternoon we gave up on the rides and just walked around. Kate seemed to enjoy all of it and they were both mesmorized by the parade at the end.

It was so fun having Mike and Amy with us. They went off alone at first and hit all the big rides within 2 hours, then they watched the kids and Shad and I went on some.

Before we even got a chance to go on a ride, Tanner leaked through his diaper and onto Shad's shirt. So Shad got to change a diaper in the middle of a line with everyone watching. = ) This is Shad pulling up his shorts.

This was on the jungle cruise and the first time Tanner said, "I want to go home."

Kate enjoys anything as long as she's eating a fruit leather at the same time. = )

Tanner getting a glimpse of Pooh.

So we bought Tanner some cars and Kate some princess figurines, however Tanner LOVED playing with the princesses.

These are some pics from Amy's camera.

I love this last picture of Amy and Tanner. He loves her so much. She is such a good aunt...plays with him for hours. They would "wash" his matchbox cars because they werer so "dirty" and then they would give them new paint jobs with tooth brushes. He loved it!