Nice does matter

Me? Are you kidding? There must be some mistake. I'm speechless. Beyond belief. Not only did this amazing lady nominate me for the "nice" award but so did she! Were they both thinking pity because she forgot about me. Lol. There are so many more deserving blogger buds who are far more worthy than I for such a prestigious award. But, I proudly accept(taking my award and running) this award and will do my best to honor it. This for me may mean cutting my tongue off biting my tongue. Most of us met here through a common bond. Adoption. Which has led to friendships and in some cases a lifeline. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. I have cried your tears, felt your pain and yes, even laughed at your silly antics. Yes, we're friends. For those of you still waiting on your referral I am here to hold your hand, vent, cry on my shoulder or lend support. I too remember the pain and anguish like it were yesterday. Some days were more than I could bear. Thank goodness for her. Yes, I know she would like you to think she is one tough cookie. BUT, she is tender hearted(shut-up Sen, it's my blog and my story) and one special lady. She has a heart bigger than anyone I've ever met. I have listened (well, not so good at times) and learned so much from her. Oh, look at me getting all mushy and gushy. I would like to give back something by "paying it forward" as she did. I'm here for you who are "in-waiting". I'm here if you need a friend....I'm here if you just want to talk. I'd like to pass this award to:

Isabella's mommy and daddy - Because she professes to be such ahuge fan supporter of mine?. No, that is not the reason I am nominating her. Although she does always leave the sweetest messages on my blog. Insert: Big grin. She is going through something pretty awful right now and she more than ever could use all of our love and support. Her dear beloved grandfather is terminally ill. I know her heart is aching with grief. I think I fell in love with her when I read the passion and love she feels for her grandfather. I cried when I read her post. I'm asking all of you to stop by her site and leave some encouraging words. We're here for one another. Good and bad times. We stick together. We love you girl.

Lil Bubble Queen - Because she is so dang committed to being a great mom, wife and friend. I can hear the sheer joy jump off the screen while reading her posts. I know that if I had the opportunity to met her she would be that sugary and sweet. *wink*. She always has such kind words for everyone. I love this most about her.

Coughchick - She so "gets me". She is almost as demented as me! She was one of the first to come to my aide after the evil "drama queen" blogger de-faced me with a public lynching. Thank you my dear. What a brave soul you were. She has a wickedly funny sense of humor and is so much like me. ( I know--not so good---ha ha). What you see is what you get. There is no phony in Coughchick. I know how desperately she longs to have her own little Chinese Princess. I know this is one of her greatest desires. Your time will come my dear. Be patient. He will come around. I just know he will. I hope he does.

My dear sweet adorably cute(oh so smart too) friend Cindy. Gosh, where do I begin here?! She is the sweetest, kindest person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her children and oh my gosh even her dh are just like her. Yes, yes true. She is electric. High energy. Laughs so easily. Totally enchanting. Did I mention she has this oh so huge big career job?!! We connected on so many levels. Oh man, she is a great source of support for me as she too is a career working twin mom with a big ass job and lots of responsibility and even more stress. Did I say stress? I love that I can pick up the phone and call her anytime. She has such a way of making everything seem ok. Even when it's not. You so "rock" girl.

I nominate her because she gave me a new leash on life. Figuratively speaking of course. She ever so gently asked if I would like her to snaze things up on my blog. Wow. Really?! Did she really want to offer her services? And to someone she didn't really know? She has always been there with a kind word. She exemplifies what family is all about. She adores (really adores) her children and of course that big strapin' hunky husband of hers. Yum-delicious... Oops wasn't supposed to say that, but it's true and she knows it... She is a total sweetheart. I count her as one of my oh-so special friends. I do hope the ankles are healing nicely. You are a true gem. Your family should count themselves as very lucky.

Last but not least beautiful Daleea. She reached out to me during a time where I needed someone to "understand" the depth of my sadness. She too has experienced some of the same pain and loss as me. She was able to lend me some insight as only someone who also had suffered. She is such a loving tender soul. It shows in the gorgeous photos on her site. I know she would never say(or gasp think) an unkind or harsh word about anyone. She is truly a good person. The best. I look up to her but more importantly I admire her for her strong sense of faith.

I know she has already been nominated and rightfully so. But I want her to know how much she means to me and how lucky I am to have her in my life. (you didn't really think you were going to slide under the radar on this one did you?) She has always been there for me. Always. I know first hand what she is about. She is compassionate. G-d is she compassionate. Loyal. Dedicated. Sincere. Driven. Most of all true. True dear friend. You want her as your friend. Trust me. She is so dear to my heart and oh so dang beautiful. Thank you for being such a great friend.

Of course there are numerous other's that make life seem so much easier to bear. Thank you all for being such awesome people. You make me smile. Everyday.