Where'd it Go?

It was a day like any other. Me racing desperately to answer my cell phone before it stopped ringing. Story of my life. I just couldn't find it. G-d help me if I missed a call. Plus I was waiting for that oh so important call from our club house manager regarding that pool thing from the day before. Anyway, it never (rings all the time--who am I kidding?!!) rings during the day so I thought it must be urgent. I casually looked at the display and it was Mai. My gut twitched a little and I thought "oh no, this can't be good." She has never called me while on her watch with the kids But fh was working in D.C. yesterday so she was really alone at home with the chickies. They could have locked her out or worse tied her up. They have the power over her. I answered the phone expecting the worse:

Me: "Hi Mai" We have caller I.D.

Mai: She was all excited, "Hello, ka (word they say in Thailand--polite way for young girl to say hello or dishwasher....or anything) um, today when Katie woke up from her nap".....

Me: Cutting in on her sentence cuz this could take a while with the language thing... "Mai is everything ok"?

Mai: Giggling, "Yes, yes (are you ready?!) Katie poo-poo'd on the potty"! Still giggling.

Me: I had a feeling of relief come over me and then I started laughing and applauding "Oh, good job Katie". "Katie went poo-poo" as I'm skipping through my model house hoping that no one comes in--but not really caring. I could hear Katie in the background repeating "poo-poo, Katie poo-poo".

Yes, this is what my life has become! Who has bigger poo's, smellier poo's, hard poo's, soft poo's and worse yet who hasn't poo'd. Lol. Who would have thought?! I thought I would spare all of you pictures of the big floating turd in the toilet that Mai took (but of course--picture freaks) pictures of. Yes, you know we are one big freak a-zoid family when it comes to the camera! AND, she went poo-poo again in the potty today! We could be on to something here...... I follow in my evil twins footsteps... Bwahahaha.... Katie is looking in the potty to make sure floating turd is not coming back to life! lol.....