The Envelope Please.

Or in our case the Rose. The 3 chosen by their peers. Yes, it made the paper. Again! This was big news in the day. Sadly (laughing now at what was so important--then-drama) I would not be the 1978/79 Ms. AmericaHomecoming Queen. But one of her two lowly loyal subjects who would serve the Queen in the event of her demise.(evil laugh) Good golly she could have fallen and broken a leg or worse a nail. We were there to eagerly step in. This was as you can imagine a coveted position. One held in the highest regard and sought after by even the toughest of girls. True. Did I have anyone fooled? I was flattered (especially being the new kid on the block) and it was a special time. Great memories, however but not something that I have ever included on my resume'! *snort*. I've got my eye on the big one now. "Blogger Queen"!

Song playing is Hot Stuff by Donna Summer a top 10 favorite in 1979.