My weekend

Since my camera broke, I've had a really hard time blogging because I figure the only reason people look at it is to see pics of Tanner and Kate, and there haven't been any to post. However, I just got done reading my sisters and moms blogs and loved reading about what's going on in their lives, with or without pictures. So I figure maybe they'd want to hear about mine too??

Yesterday I threw a baby shower for a girl in my ward. I made Amy's favorite BBQ chix salad (but I use pork...I once heard Rebecca say "I prefer the pig." I'm right there with her.) I served cornbread with the salad and then chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies and fruit pizza for dessert. It was fun, but not very many people came. I felt bad for the girl I threw it for. I doubled all the recipes and we had Lillie/Ross and Rachelle/David (plus kids) over for swimming, dinner and movie. It was really fun.

Today Tanner was sick so Shad quickly offered to stay home with him = ) and Kate and I went to church by ourselves. I think the gym childcare gave Tanner a cold. This week we finally got Tanner to go to the gym (first time in a year....yeah we enjoy paying for a gym membership and not using it. Doesn't just having a membership count toward something??) Whenever I tried to go before, he would just bawl. So we tried it out again this week and he loved it. He asks all the time now to "Go gym. Play cars. Come on Mommy. " Finally by the end of the week I stopped worrying and enjoyed working out. Although now that I think about it, I did leave my aerobic class three times to check on them. Oh well, what can I say, I'm a worrier. Well, Shad wants me to get off and go to bed. Hope this wasn't too boring. Love you all!!!! Lizzie