Got me some "tude"

I set out to exchange some thing I had purchased at the mall and decided I would brave it and take the girls. Nothing like schlepping around in the extreme heat with the kids strapped in a stroller.

First stop on our hit list was the Guess store. I had bought a skirt that I now thought was too big(shocker) and a top (tit top for lack of a better) that I thought was too tight(must have forgot my age) for a woman of my stature. (don't ask what that is!) I actually had fat back and I don't carry weight in my back. Ass, yes. We head directly to the back of the store in search of a salesperson. Ah-ha, I've spotted him. He's the one with the oh-so important head-set and the look that says "please don't ask me anything as can't you see I'm busy over here trying to avoid folks like you". Doesn't stop me though as I steer the stroller in his direction.

Me: "Hi, I was wondering, Has all the merchandise been put out"? As I wave in the direction of the table full of goodies.

Salesperson: "What do you mean"? He knew full well what I meant, he just wanted me to repeat myself.

Me: "Well, I bought this top (as I point to it) in a M/L and it's um , a little snug. ". I'm really not a cow.

Salesperson: "No, that's *big sigh* the largest size it came in". As he gave me the look of aren't you in the wrong store look with his multiple piercings and attitude.

Me: "Oh, well are you sure, because when I was in here the other day I thought I saw an L/XL. I swear I did. Really!

Salesperson: "No, I'm quite sure, that IS the largest size it came in". Eyes rolling and in his best Jack McFarland (you know--"Just Jack")voice daring me to say another thing as he continued to fold and look around like he had somewhere to go.

Me: "Uh, ok, thank you for your trouble". I don't know why I thanked him, he did nothing-other than make me feel like an over-weight middle age pig.

Salesperson: "Yeah, sure". I know he was judging me---damn him! No, my pants weren't too tight either.

I scurried to the cashier and promptly returned (not exchanged) what I had purchased the day before. Take that mean GUESS people.