Vices and Gadgets I can't live without

Well, Christine you asked for it. Be afraid. My list of my vices and gadgets I can't live with out.

My laptop computer. I wouldn't want anything to escape my eagle puss eyes. I so love stalking my favorite blogs. You know who you are.

My magnifiers. Sadly I'm as blind as a bat. I need to put my glasses on to get to the bathroom or to find things "under" the sheets. I have glasses stashed all over the house.

My housekeeper.(she keeps skid marks in dh's skeevies under control) I know, I know yes I'm a princess. True. have no desire to own a vacuum cleaner or a Dye-what or anything else that

might indicate that I know how to use i t. I'm very good at faking that I don't know how to use it. The vacuum cleaner. Get your mind outta the gutter. Stroking it is not anything that has crossed my mind. Of course our housekeeper dresses like this. In his dreams!

My rabbit corkscrew. Need I say more? It is the number one most used appliance in our home. By me.

My razor. No, not that type of razor. My cell. I do all my yakking in the car. That's the only time you will get my undivided attention or I answer the phone. Like crazylady we screen all calls. Most nights too lazy to even do that as we nudge one another and say "no, you get it" and the other one says "no, you get it". Neither one motivated to find the phone. Leave a message.....

Mommies new XM Satellite radio that daddy purchased for Mother's Day. No commercials. Plus I can tune the monkeys out when they're screaming. Love my 70's music.

My digital camera. How else would the "Mamarazzi" get the snappies to the National Enquirer of the cuteness that spews from the lense?

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Anyone else want to play just jump in. Leave a comment so that I know to check your site out!