Twins, twins double the fun!

We finally managed a play date with our dear friend Anne Marie and her twins. We've been trying to get back over for a visit since, um I fell and broke my leg in February. Yeah,I'm a clutz. Shouldn't have been wearing my Paris Hilton high heel boots on ice or learned how to skate.

Nice "bum" shot of my girls. (black mail--hee hee).

Funny story. No, not like the "other" story! Silly people. We met on the streets of China a year ago. We were the only two families who were matched with twins at that time and we were both from D.C. Girls are only three months apart in age. Annie's babies turned two in March and my little girls turn two on the 16th. Where has the time gone?

I am posting fotos of our fun-day with the Munson twins. A much different type of "play-date" than the one with my neighbors. Waaaaaaaay more fun! Cocktails and BBQ. *wink*. Love Annie!! Her girls are so sweet, good and so darn cute.

Have you ever seen such cuteness? The girls got along so well. My girls loved the big back yard and all the toys!! Truly special. It was nearly impossible to get all four girls to look at the camera at the same time. They of course were sick of me taking pictures. Typical.

I can't wait till our next outing.....