Trying to get rid of me?

Darling hubby called me at work yesterday to ask me if I was trying to kill him?! "What"? "No, well of course not"! Are you kidding, and leave me to raise these little beasts alone? I don't think so. We're in this together. *snicker*

He them proceeds to tell me he had eaten a frozen meal no I did not make it--pre-packaged for lunch and became deathly ill. deathly ill he repeats. He said had to lye down immediately. (he works from home). Started breaking out in hives had shortness of breath and started chocking.

  • Me: "Well, um dear do you think you're going to make it"?
  • Dh: "Yes, but I still feel kind a faint".
  • Me: "Did you take any benadryl"?
  • Dh: "Yes".
  • Me: "Thank g-d you had it on you", right? (he is highly allergic to Msg)

Conclusion after a little page thumbing research(hubbies part) dh highly allergic to soy sauce. Note to self: Do not buy these ingredients. Highly toxic. Could be fatal.

We love you sweetie. We wouldn't dare let you off that easily. bwah ha ha.