FFFF Challenge: Gotcha Day clothes

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I may be a bit late (story of my life) with this challenge. Every week I have said I was going to try to participate. However no such luck. At any rate, here are their "Gotcha" day clothing. I was so surprised they fit!

As many of you know my girls were not tiny little petite Chinese babies. They came to us at nine months old as future world Olympians-- weighing 20 pounds (Abbey) and 18 pounds (Katie). I still remember so vividly the look of horror on their cute little faces the day they handed them to me. Me with my raging blonde locks and daddy with his soul patch. You'd be scared too!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of them the day we became a family as it was just Jeff and I and one other couple. (I have attached photo our travel mates took)No free hands for pictures. They were actually wearing the same clothes as their referral picture. Which you'll see below. The clothes were remarkably clean and new. The girls are from Guangxi which is southern China. Surprisingly they did not come to us all bundled and wrapped like they we in the artic. They arrived in just their Jammie's.

We took them back to the hotel and promptly stripped them and tossed them in the tub. Not because they were dirty, but because I didn't know really what else to do. They were crying and they just wouldn't stop. It nearly tore my heart apart. Katie could barely sit up in the tub. We powdered them and dressed them in clothes we had brought.

Abbey, who is our "heavy" weight currently weighs 30 1/2 pounds. Katie, the feather weight tips the scales at 25 pounds.

Referral photo. Babies were 4 1/2 months here.

Girls in their nursery. We are lucky that our two little monkeys have yet to climb out of their crib!