No time--- I'm late

But is this the answer?! Does it really brighten your mood? My guess is if it did everyone would be taking it!

Greatest challenge: Some times professional and personal obligations just collide with one another, no matter how well I plan. I'm just running to keep up with a slow moving freight train. Running, running but not getting anywhere. You ever feel like you have days like that? Not enough hours in a day to get nearly everything done.

I had been warned (on more than one occasion) that life would not be as I once knew it(where did that life go?) and especially with twins. Blah, blah, blah. But
seriously how hard could it really be? (Insert sarcasm).

I was one of those people who didn't think having children would mess up my oh-so perfect life Really..... I'm highly excitable high energy(ask the man) and very organized. great combo. Everything has a place with me. But obviously I was in total la-la land....hubby right there with me too! Although he would probably deny it now * wink* Just for the record life has been anything but normal since BC. (before children).

Since our little love bugs graced our lives I have discovered if I don't write it down and even when I do there's no guarantee.... I can't remember a damn thing. Nada.

Just last week I showed up for my post-op visit at doctor's office. You remember the broken leg with plat and screw? I was trying to do a triple sowe cow on ice. not really but it sounds much more exciting. I flew through the door like hurricane Betty cast and all and so proudly gasped "whew I'm early". I should explain. Early is anything within 15 minutes of appointment. Front or back. Anyway, I was right on the dot err well so I thought. So I'm standing there grinning from ear to ear so proud of myself for making it when they looked at one another and rolled their eyes and said "we don't have you on the schedule today." You know in one of those condescending bitchy tones that makes you want to slither back out the door or worse just die.

What? Not on the schedule? How could that be? Crap! What they don't understand is what I go through on a normal day just getting ready and out the door! (stop laughing--there is some normal) Jumping gates. Girls clutching my ankles as I try to navigate around the kitchen with coffee in hand and as they chase me on my heels all the while whining "pease mommy pease". Hoping over the dog as she too of course wants to get the heck out of this crazy place we so affectionately call home. And barely time to put on lipstick! Appointment -- yeah it's today. Great, I get to do it all over again. Ugh.

Sadly too I've missed more than one mandatory meeting at work and it too was on the calendar. In giant red ink so as not to miss the meeting. Even gave it a side-ways glance the night before. I guess I must have considered attending?! How could I have forgotten in such a short time? What has happened to my memory? Must remember to take meds...

Sollution: I've learned to ask for help and to laugh my way throught the chaos. I have to or else I would be crying all the time. Sometimes you just have to let it all fall around you - you'll be surprised at how many people will help pick up the pieces. But life couldn't be better. With or without the 'mood brightener'. * wink *.