Don't Tell Anyone...

We were watching (me) the telly this evening.... more importantly American Idol. I was doing what I do so well, commentating, (on, clothes, signing..etc. etc.) when I had to comment on Chris's shoes. Had to.

Me: "Those shoes do not match his outfit".

Jeff: Blank stare and total silence.

Me: "Well, what do you think"? "And who do you think is going to win"? "Who's your fav"?

Jeff: "I don't have a favorite, and I can't believe you just said outfit".

Me: "You don't"?

Jeff: "No. I don't want anyone knowing that I watch the show".

Me: "Is outfit not cool"?

Jeff: "No".

Me: "Are you saying I'm not cool"?

Jeff: "Yes".

And I thought I had it all going on. ha ha. My poor girls. Their mommy is so not cool.......