Rules to live by--mommies rules

Everyone has a story and this is life 101 in our home or I like to call it keeping mommy happy....

  • Just so we understand one anther Reality is merely my idea of how things should be.
  • When I ask for your advice I'm merely looking for an accomplice. I don't need you to correct what I've said, just confirm.. kapesh?
  • I'll do the talking---you listen. no it's not negotiable.
  • I'm thinking... interpretation--- the answer is always NO.
  • Just remember "I can see you at all times, don't embarrass me".
  • Team effort-- do what I say.
  • This is not a part I had to audition for.....I ain't acting
  • I do not make mistakes... I like to refer to it as "experience.
  • Don't judge me. I'm your mother.
  • No need to look it up.. ask your father I know everything!
  • The minority is always right. I'm the minority......
  • Take your clothes off, no not you, well not now at least...