Passions, Virtues, and Vices

Got your attention. This is actually how I met your father. Before you silly little bugs it was just daddy and I. Ah, when life was simple. So simple. I want you to understand the nuances (right)that brought us together. No, he was not desperate--silly girls.... Yes, I remember him jumping up and down. That's before the newness wore off. It's true I had to move 12 states away to find your father. Or did he find me?

You remember me telling you about my very "glamorous" job working for the airlines once upon a time? You know little money only could afford happy hour with free nuts back then but a ton of perks free free free travel and great uniforms. Wow. Hard to believe I gave all that up. *wink* Fast forward 10+years. No longer with the airlines. Tired of being poor and single. *gasp*. I'm now in Atlanta working for a company in sales. Must have done something right or pissed someone off but the next thing I know I'm being promoted and moved to south Florida. Now when they said they were moving me I did not envision a U-haul with two guys moving my crap and me riding in the cab with them. No, I assumed it would be like all corporate moves and there would be professional mover's packing me and moving me. Needless to say I was a bit stunned when I learned my professional move would be a U-Haul truck courtesy of the company and me. Nice. At any rate I thought I had hit the lotto. Wait a minute I'm getting a picture rolling into Ft. Lauderdale with my car in-tow and me in the middle of two stinky truck drivers. Gawd! That was one long drive.....almost forgot about the break down before leaving Atlanta. Yea, it was a long drive.

I moved into this sweet boutique apartment right on the water. Boy oh boy, I had arrived. Or so I thought. Great place, great people. Actually when I think about it now there were a lot of misfits! But this is where I met your daddy. He was so darn normal. Well, for misfits.

I don't know how it really happened, but the next thing I knew I had wormed my way into daddy's pad and had seduced him into buying a place together. He thought it was his idea. We bought a little place that was nearly perfect With the exception of the kitchen. It needed a mini face-lift but daddy convinced me he could do this. Flashing red beacon. Jewish men don't do manual labor. Yes, I'm generalizing but my Jewish man doesn't do manual labour. I should have known better. (He said he had....) I didn't think we would survive the wedding after the kitchen. Err, well we did learn what Jeff's short comings were. Thank goodness one of Jeff's buddies came to our rescue and finished the job.

I may have "hinted" *wink* that I wasn't going to "hang" around forever which translated to get off your butt and marry me buck-o! He just needed a little push. I'm thinkin he was afraid he might loose such a catch. Now Jeff being the romantic that he is had been planning for weeks the "big moment". Me, who had no clue came home from work one night running through the front door at a million miles a minute. Normal speed for me. I stopped dead in my tracks. There were rose petals everywhere. From the front door to the living room and there on the coffee table was a big fat vase of roses. Gorgeous. I truly didn't have a clue. I found myself asking, "what is this for"? I really didn't have a clue. Jeff was beaming and said "just because, but look at the roses". When I did that's when I saw the bling. It was tucked inside one of the rose petals. The rest is history.....

For the record, daddy does not do manual labour at the house. We can't afford the damage he causes.....Ouch.