It's all about Me....

In keeping with my narcissistic personality, here's "My 100 Things About Me" for today's post. I'm going to divulge some things about me that most probably didn't or maybe did know about me. I'm an open book as most of you know. Most o f what you will read was b.c. (before children). I have no regrets. Well, there was that time down in St. Thomas....

Notice glass of wine in hand....

See Below:

  1. I have a tattoo. Yea, that's right. I am the reason for Angelina's. A real trend setter.
  2. My first car was a 1977 Trans Am. Black with a big obnoxious gold eagle on the hood. I thought it was "hot" (insert total sarcasm here).
  3. I drove a Porsche for 13 years. Defiantly before children...Red too..numerous speeding tickets.
  4. All the men I have known have bought me cars.... hmm must be doing something right?!
  5. I think my husband is one of the most handsome man I know. He doesn't lick and lap on me like he once did.
  6. Mini-vans equate "therapy" to me. I swear I will never own one.
  7. I have rode in the cock pit of a commercial jet(no name mentioned) on numerous occasions... illegally........another day another story. Ok, so I was a bit "Randy" in my previous life. All in good fun...
  8. I worked for the airlines for almost 10 years. (In my younger years) I thought it was the most glamorous job in the world..... I still do...
  9. The Caribbean were once my "playground" of choice. Another story....
  10. I have flown to New York for the day just to grab lunch.
  11. I once flew to Chicago for the night to watch a Cubbies game.
  12. My husband paid big bucks to take me to see Bruce Springsten in Chicago a couple years ago. Great seats. Great concert. We have seen Bruce a gazillion times.
  13. I always wear a watch and hence am Always late.
  14. I have a hideous sense of direction. I can get lost leaving my neighborhood. Thank G-d for nav.
  15. I have a weak gag reflex. I'll gag at certain smells. I gag brushing my teeth! I gag when the girls "poo".
  16. I am one of the few people who can not roll their tongue. I look ridiculous trying too.
  17. If I had nothing to do (which is not the case anymore) I could read an entire book in a day.
  18. I love the beach. I would spend the entire day there doing absolutely nothing.
  19. I once "kissed" every store window on Las Olas Boulevard on my way home from a night on the town. Real Classy and with daddy.
  20. My favorite vacation spot involves a beach and a boat and little clothing....(use your imagination here)
  21. I cooked dinner almost every night this past year. And not anything frozen or in a can. Gourmet.
  22. My husband will eat anything I prepare and then rave about it. My biggest fan.
  23. We order Chinese food every Monday. We call it "hell" Monday, but not because of the Chinese. It's always our longest and worst day of the week. I do not cook on Monday.
  24. I can not stand science fiction and don't even pretend to like it.
  25. I am a total Chocoholic. Love it. Will devour whatever we have.
  26. I once was once what you would consider a "groupie" for several country bands... Another story. Even had an offer to marry the "manager" and move to Hawii. Ha-ha.
  27. I have met many stars but the most memorable was Ronnie Milsap. He didn't notice me though. *wink*
  28. I (before children) never flew tourist class. Luxuries.
  29. I never sleep without a blanket.
  30. I always sleep with a fan on in my room, no matter what the weather.
  31. I am a sit-com freak. I cried when Friends went of the air and Will and Grace.
  32. My friend "Rock"(the name has been changed to protect the innocent--he knows who he is) and I are like "Will and Grace". I love Rock, we have been friends for almost 20 years.
  33. I love nothing better than "hangin" with my friends and slinging back a glass of wine(ok--the bottle) and chatting it up. We sometimes will have a ciggy. Yuk-I know.
  34. I wore braces three times.
  35. I had my jaw broke and re-set.. no I wasn't punched.
  36. I lived in Atlanta in my early 30's. Great city.
  37. I also dated a total jackass in Atlanta who took me for a lot of money.
  38. I have had the same friends for over 30+years who I still do a girls trip with every year. Someplace new and exciting every year.
  39. I have had "enhancement" surgery. Do I have to spell this out?
  40. I am a big fan of "plastic" surgery. Yea, I have had botex too.
  41. I would like to have my eyes done. Dear hubby does not think I need too. It has nothing to do with the way I look but the "dent" it will put in his wallet.
  42. I broke my leg this past winter and had to have surgery. I have a seven inch plate and six screws in my leg. I am the bionic woman! Interestingly, the girls and I were on a play-date. Some fun.
  43. I use to only wear a thong to the beach. Don't laugh. That was when I had a "hot" bod.
  44. I am high energy and can still spin circles around my husband who is 10 years younger. Baby I still got it.
  45. I love dining out and being waited on. Duh.
  46. I hate to sweat.
  47. I do not clean my own home. Come to think about it I haven't cleaned my own home for 20+years. Definitely spoilt. Thank G-d for a great husbands.(more than one)
  48. I do not like to get my hands dirty.
  49. I hate winter. I hate cold more. Come to think about it I can care less about the season changing.
  50. I married Jeff in 2000. The millennium I was 39. He was just 29. What a babe he was....He was crazy about me. The brainwashing has definitely worn off!
  51. I took 21 vacations in 1991---I forget what I was running from. Myself?
  52. I flew to Cozumel Mexico in 1992 every three weeks, for a year because I could.
  53. I love taking baths however never have the time. Boy do I envy people who can.
  54. I've never been in jail, however I was arrested (gasp) many, many years ago. Be still charges were dropped.
  55. My idea of camping is "The Ritz". Yea, that's roughing it for me. I don't like to get dirty or sweat.
  56. I was 86'd from a bar for throwing a glass of wine on a guy. No, Claire not Jeff. Some other a-hole. ha ha.
  57. I sell new homes for a living. It's the easiest money I've ever made in my life. How hard can it be to open your mouth and yap to people.
  58. I never knew how hard raising tiwns would be.
  59. I never have a $1.00 on me. Thank G-d for credit cards.
  60. I use my husband as my "personal" ATM machine. HE ALWAYS HAS MONEY!
  61. My grandfather (rest his soul) grew the best tomatoes I've ever had. I wish he were still alive.
  62. I love a fresh cup of brewed coffee in the morning with real cream or half and half.
  63. I hate anything fat-free except diet-coke. I love it.
  64. I am a freak (gasp) about my laundry and how it smells. Needless to say I do the family laundry, even on my sickbed.
  65. I am a control freak. Ask Jeff. *wink*
  66. I am a night owl and can function on little to no sleep. Well, maybe not as functioning since returning with babies.
  67. I love watching my husband with our girls. He is the best father in the entire world. Hands down.
  68. I want to make a difference in people's lives. Especially my children's. I am not raising brats. Monkeys--yes.
  69. I can cry at the drop of a hat. This is since children. What happened to me? Total mush...
  70. I secretly wish I was a great golfer. Remember I don't like to sweat.
  71. I love a good party with friends.--I love a party, period.
  72. We celebrate New Year's Eve with the same three couple's every year and at the same house. Ton of fun.
  73. I can't stand to see "T-backs" hanging out of girls pants. Disgusting. Keep it real.
  74. I have an opinion on just about anything. Just ask me. And if you don't want to know, don't ask!
  75. I believe in public education.
  76. I love watching my husband's face light up when he talks about his "Gators". Or when he's watching them.
  77. I love big flashy diamonds. The bigger the better. I make no bones about it. Yea, I'm a total cheese ball.
  78. I collect watches. To date I own three. All compliments of my darling husband. I am hinting strongly for a Cartier for my anniversary.
  79. I am a shoe whore. Yea, I can say that. I have been known to buy 4-5 pairs at a time and "sneak" them in. That was B.C.......Now everything is for the demons.
  80. My favorite clothes are running/lounging suits. I only run now when being chased. Doesn't happen.
  81. I use to work out seven days a week. hmmm, should start again by the looks of things.
  82. In the early 90's I use to have hair extensions (be still-- I can hear the laughter now) down to my butt. I thought I looked beautiful. I looked more like Dolly Parton! Pictures later...
  83. When I was a real "glama queen" I use to wear artificial nails. I wouldn't be caught dead with those things now. Can you imagine baby poo?
  84. If I could live anywhere I would live in south east Florida or California. I love the life style.
  85. I am doing workshops for our adoption agency part-time. (GWCA) I still sell new homes.
  86. We have had two Au Pair's live with us. Both were from Thailand. Love them.
  87. I am a terrible driver, however when given the choice I will always drive. Be afraid.
  88. I have hit the house with my new car about 10 times.
  89. I keep our detail guy in business!
  90. One of my girl friend's (no name mentioned here---you know who you are) and I did a "full monty" while vacationing in Central America... That was before the ass hit the sand, or for that matter the boobies..
  91. The words you will hear from my house are: no, no, no---- get out of there, shut that, get out of the dog dish, sit down, sit down, sit down NOW
  92. I have twins 22 months old. If you ask me I will tell you they are the cutest kids in the world. Period.
  93. I believe all children deserve a mommy and daddy who loves them.
  94. Before Children I never knew I could feel so much joy or pain.
  95. My husband's cousin Ronnie adopted a little girl from China a year before we brought our twins home.
  96. I have been asked some pretty off the wall insensitive crap since adopting my babies. Apparently some people do not think a woman my age could or should be a mother.
  97. I never thought I would enjoy having children so much.
  98. The sweetest words to my ears are "mommy, I love you". Makes my heart smile every time.
  99. My husband is my reason for being. He is my best friend. I love taking care of him and the girls.
  100. I know what true love feels like.