Top 11 (idiotic) question I get asked.......

  1. How old are you? Who me, or the girls? No, I'm not their grandmother. They're 22 months old. I'm much older. Thank you for pointing that out.....jackass
  2. They look just like you. What? Are you kidding? jackass.
  3. No, they don't look like their father either. Oh, you mean their biological father. I assume they do.
  4. How much did they cost? This is where I give the blank stare .
  5. No, they do not just "spit" them out. jackass.
  6. How much do you make? I wish more....***wink***** wink*****
  7. Yes, they speak English( I get this one lot!). AND yes they do understand me!
  8. Twins? Yes they are. No two girls. Yes, I'm sure. Really.
  9. How do you tell them apart?????
  10. Why didn't you have your own children? ?????? What?
  11. They must be a lot of work. Ha, are you kidding? I'll have a vino please. Make it the bottle. Where are my pill....