Do you live here?

I was running late story of my life from work yesterday and decided to get dinner on the minute I flew through the door. I have this (not for long however) painful commute of 1 1/2 hours each way five days a week. Grueling. Anyway, I asked dh if he wouldn't mind getting the 'yung uns' ready ready for bed and I would be up to tuck them in. We normally both put the girls to bed in the evening. Bedtime has always been our special time with them. No interruptions just us.

I finish up in the kitchen I like to think of myself as Martha Stewart always creating something new and exciting -- anyhoots-- and head up the stairs. I could hear them laughing and carrying on in the girls room. I think to myself great daddy is getting them all wound up before bed-time. Don't be upset. I step into their room and there they stand bundled up in fleece footie pajama's! Not to mention the sweat pouring down their little faces. You would have thought it was 30 below instead of 80 degrees outside.

I asked very casually "why didn't you put them in their other pajamas"? Meaning... spring. He looked at me with this glazed over look and said very slowly -as if it were a trick question "what other pajamas? And then continued by saying "you said their pajamas are in the bottom drawer". Oh, you mean you actually listen to me? I guess I do hold a little clout after all. Ok, so he had me on that one. But I had told him numerous times that we only kept the winter jammies there however and the spring in another drawer.

I'm not upset or even shocked about dh not knowing where we keep these things as the real irony is he has no idea where he keeps his own sock, t-shirts, and underwear. I have to snicker as I watch him each and every morning slam the drawers in clear desperation looking for them. Like they walked off in the middle of the night! There is always a little sigh when he finally hits the right door like he just discovered the mother lode. I have to chuckle.