Did she really say that?

Do I think our girls are the smartest ever? But of course. Regular Einsteins! Can't you see the wheels turning now? I hear Harvard calling their name.

Words that only a mother could say. *wink* At any rate the girls continue to amaze us with the things they say and do.

When I came home from work tonight Katie said to me "come here mommy" and then continued to repeat it a gazillion times. Jeff and I just looked at one another and burst out laughing.

They've recently started putting 2-3 words together. A complete sentence?
Well, almost. Where has the time gone? Just yesterday they were babies.

Daddy obviously did some serious "coaching" with the girls tooday as he later demonstrated
by saying "who loves daddy" to which Katie replied "me, me, me, me I love daddy". He seemed to be pretty proud of himself.

I took some photos of girls playing outside having a great time. I think spring has finally arrived!
There was no hitting or pushing and they were complete angels. Every neighbor that was within ear shot distance they screamed "new shoes" and "new dress". They thought they looked pretty cute. We did too. Not biased at all.

No, I don't usually let them play in the trash can, but they were so excited about picking every stick and stone up and throwing it away. Talk about keeping them entertained!
Whatever works.....