Sick again.

Kerri has been really sick now for the past four days.  She has missed three days of school.  The doctor says it is a viral infection; but because of her asthma, the infection went straight to her lungs.

Kerri has finally learned how to spit things out instead of swallowing, which really helps when you have asthma.  And she coughs non stop.  You can tell she is not well when she sits still and is quiet for long periods of time.  She is just not herself.

Pookie has been cuddling and kissing Kerri - that's not normal either.  I think he is as worried as we are.

And last night, Nana and Megan came over to cheer Kerri up.  Kerri and Nana built their annual gingerbread house.  The laughter did us all a lot of good.

I can't wait for my little girl to feel better.  She is bored and tires easily.  And she really does not want to miss her first gymnastics class.

Life with Kerri is passing the tissues around.